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05 December 2009 @ 12:26 pm
Aya Kamiki ameblo.jp Profile  
This is the translation of Aya's profile on ameblo.jp


Hobbies: Gambling (laughs)

Pros: I am patient

Cons: Easy to lose one's temper

What I can brag a little about: Nothing

Recent addiction? Nails*

First thing you do after you arrive at home? Change into pajamas

Average sleep time? 5 hours

Favorite phrase? マジやべぇ!!!** [Maji-Yabe; Really Cool!!]

Frequently update blog? When I feel like it

What I write on my blog? Things I take notice in

Any fetish? Fetish smell***

Your motto is? No massage****

What do you collect? headbands/tiaras

What is S? What is M? S is S and M is M*****


Favorite food? Spicy

Disliked food? Sweets

Favorite sport? Running

Favorite male actor? None

Favorite female talent? Becky-san

Favorite artists: There are too many

Favorite cartoon? I prefer reading

Favorite books: None

Favorite movie? Back to the Future is great

Favorite TV Show? Disney

Your favorite song? Mr.BIG / Green Tinted Sixties Mind

Favorite game? 428

Your favorite band? HYSTERIC GLAMOUR

Your favorite car? I don't have a car

Where do you like to be? Quiet places

Your favorite animal? Dogs, cats...I like furry animals!!

Favorite way to spend the holiday? I order a pizza by home delivery, eat, and sleep. The best!

Your favorite color? Pink, black, white

Your favorite word? Yoshitsu! [I am good]

Your favorite type? A cheerful person

Worst type? A person without spirit


If you could have one wish come true? I would win the lottery money!

When do you feel happiest? When I'm making music

Where would you go on a date? Disneyland

If you win the lottery? I will use it all in a day!

People you admire? Parents

What do you think you were in your past life? I hope I was a leopard in a previous life

It's the last day in the world, what are you doing? I want to do a live show!

Compare yourself to an animal? I have been said to look like a cat so, a cat

Treat for yourself? A good meal and wine!

A happy moment? When I'm sleeping

What has impressed you most lately? Not impressed.

What I wanted to be as a child? To be terrific!!!

Tell us something: I have low back pains

Which side dish you must have at lunch? Meat

If I'm reborn: I would like to be a king!!

Most expensive purchase you have made? If it is expensive, I won't buy it

Current ringtone? W-B-X ~W boiled extreme~

What I want to challange now? Alot of things I want to

What do you want most now? Driving license

Now, where would you like to take a trip to? Egypt

What's essential for you? Eyeglasses

* NOTE: She just wrote nails but I think she means nail art or manicure
** NOTE: Maji-yabe is Japanese teenage/young adult slang
*** NOTE: No idea what she means, but I'm guessing good smells are her fetish
**** NOTE: This is [sorta] LITERALLY the [almost] EXACT translation of what she wrote, she's crazy @_@
***** NOTE: Again an exact translation, I do not know what S&M is
bunnyshoxxbunnyshoxx on December 6th, 2009 02:57 am (UTC)
you're welcome!
Just trying to spread the Aya love <3

and like yamaki4ever said below, yes we have a community already!
Please join :)